The Feds Are Going To Be Furious When They See This!

Government Control

In fact, I fully expect they’ll try to threaten and intimidate me into taking it down any day now. So pay careful attention to what I’m about to say because I have no idea how much longer I’ll be allowed to keep this site up.

That’s because the government establishment wants you to believe they have everything under control...

That your bank is safe...

…your money’s safe...

…the nation’s borders are secure...

…our food-delivery system is secure and functioning normally...

…and the “American way of life” we’ve become accustomed to since the end of World War II is just as good as ever.

That’s A Bald Faced Lie!

I really don’t want to be a “prophet of doom,” but there is some secret and highly illegal activity your government is involved in, and it’s absolutely necessary I make you aware of it so you can start taking action IMMEDIATELY to protect your family’s freedom.

(Don’t worry. It’s not ALL bad news. I do have some GOOD news... and I’ll share that with you in just a few minutes.)

No matter how unpleasant and scary these facts are, there are no longer any doubts...

The Government REALLY Is Out To Get You!

We have the proof. Obama’s IRS was given marching orders from top brass to use their unchecked and out-of-control powers as a weapon against any conservative groups or individuals who are vocal about adhering to the Constitution. They were deployed as Obama’s goon squad, the “federal mafia” tasked with doing the dirty work for “elected representatives” in Armani suits. That way… these blood-sucking politicians can keep from getting their hands dirty… and keep up their false appearance as being the good guys.

Don’t you love how they are all pretending they had NO idea what was going on?

And this unlawful harassment wasn’t the work of a few rogue agents as the IRS brass initially claimed. U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham said orders for these unconstitutional inquisitions came down the chain of command from Obama’s liberal lieutenants in charge of his IRS thugs.

And this unlawful harassment wasn't the work of a few rogue agents as the IRS brass initially claimed. U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham said orders for these unconstitutional inquisitions came down the chain of command from Obama's liberal lieutenants — the same people in charge of the IRS thugs.

Video proof from FOXNews that Obama and the IRS were targeting patriots like you and me.

It’s like something out of George Orwell’s book 1984. Big Brother is in full effect... sticking his nose into every single aspect of your personal business! And if you think it's over now that Obama's been given the boot… think again!

Washington "elites" are willing to do whatever it takes to take away our 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Heck, they’ve already started.

Back in 2005, law abiding Americans were disarmed en masse by the police and National Guard... in their own homes!

See the report for yourself from ABC National News:

Watch this shocking video for more proof that the government wants to disarm American citizens.

So Raise Your Hand If You Think It’s Gotten Any Better Since 2005. I Didn’t Think So.

Shortly after the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, the politicians seized an opportunity to use that to push even harder for gun control.

And our dear friend Obama and his mainstream media cronies immediately jumped on the bandwagon to use this tragic event to take away even more 2nd amendment rights from law-abiding gun owners.

Here's proof of the government's gun-grab and why your 2nd Amendment rights are under attack.

They’re actually working to change the U.S. Constitution to take away our God-given right to defend ourselves against tyranny!

As if toying with our 2nd amendment rights wasn’t bad enough...

The Patriot Act passed under the Bush administration, not to mention the National Defense Authorization Act passed by Obama, have already taken away our most sacred rights.

Here’s what Congressman Ron Paul has to say about it:

The mainstream media is covering up the government's true agenda....

And the Attorney General of the United States admits it’s ok to use drone strikes and military force against Americans on American soil, without any of the due processes of law as guaranteed by the 4th amendment to the constitution. Say what????

The Attorney General of the United States says it’s OK to use drone strikes and military force against Americans?! On American soil?!

That means they don’t need any evidence. Mere suspicion is enough... and they believe it’s OK to send a drone to blow up you and your family... in your own home!


Gun-grabbing liberal politicians trying to take away our guns... Predator drone strikes on Americans on American soil...

This sure isn’t the United States I grew up in, or the great nation our founding fathers risked their lives and fortunes to establish.

And They’re Also Attacking You Where It Hurts Most...In Your Wallet.

How? The politicians and bankers are driving our economy into the ground... with no thought at all for our future. What with the Fed printing $85 billion dollars a month and trying to keep the interest rate at zero... it looks like hyperinflation and even the complete collapse of the US dollar are inevitable. The dollar’s purchasing power has plummeted and Congressman Ron Paul made it very clear what we can expect in the near future.

Glenn Beck talks about the IRS targeting patriots like you and me.

Do the politicians listen to these warnings? Heck no!

The Truth Is, America Is In Serious Trouble.

But I don’t have to tell you that. If you’re like most independent and patriotic Americans you’ve seen this country gradually decline into a fascist police state. I’m sure our founding fathers are turning over in their graves. Most of our cherished God-given rights and liberties have gradually been stripped away one by one. And it’s been done so gradually, most people haven’t even noticed… until recently. We are definitely NOT living the way of life millions of brave patriotic Americans have fought and are still fighting to defend.

Well I’m fed up and I REFUSE to sit idly by while blood-sucking politicians who have never done an honest day’s work in their life continue destroying the freedoms this country was founded on.

I Know It’s NOT Too Late To Get Back The
America We Once Knew And Loved.

It's Not Too Late

But I can’t do it alone. I need your help. My name’s Frank Bates, and you probably know me as the guy who brought you Power4Patriots, SurvivalSeeds4Patriots and Food4Patriots.

I started those projects to help people “get off the grid” and become more independent. A way to give good honest Americans a chance to get out from under the thumb of Big Business (who, by the way, are in bed with Big Government) and all their underhanded business practices so they can start taking their survival into their own hands.

But for me, this was just the beginning of a much bigger vision. A vision I haven’t been able to share…until now.

I’m proud of what hundreds of thousands of Americans have been able to achieve with projects like Power4Patriots, SurvivalSeeds4Patriots and Food4Patriots. What a great way to start reclaiming your independence!

But I’m even more excited about my new vision…helping millions of Americans reclaim their rights and freedoms that have been taken away by an out of control power-hungry, money-grubbing government. I’m on a personal mission to get back to the free America we once knew. The America we were proud of in our youth.

How exactly do I plan to do that? Like all grass roots revolutions…one person at a time…one family at a time.

And just so there’s no misunderstanding… I’m NOT talking about a revolution fought with violence or arms…I’m talking about peaceful revolution. A revolution fought with our hearts and minds. My vision is to help every patriotic American like you take back your independence, freedom and personal sovereignty by helping you proclaim your very own...Personal Declaration of Independence!

That’s why I’m proud to announce the launch of... The Patriot Alliance!

I’ve Never Been More Passionate About Anything In My Entire Life!

Reclaim Free America

The Patriot Alliance is a mission to reclaim the free America we knew and loved in our youth. Back when America was a shining example to the world. A nation established on the sovereign God-given rights every human being is entitled to. The brave founding fathers of our great nation envisioned and established a country where every individual is equal. Every person was his OWN “king” and sovereign ruler of his OWN life. A country with a non-centralized government, ruled by the people, for the people. A government whose power was strictly limited by the Constitution... government whose ONLY reason for existence was to ensure the blessings of liberty... and protect the rights of its citizens to always have the opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of their own dreams and happiness.

THAT is the America we once knew. But what the heck happened? It seems our government no longer even views us as human beings. And what happened to our God-given rights documented in the Constitution? According to the politicos and talking heads, the Constitution is nothing more than an “outdated” historical document. Those blood-sucking politicians no longer believe we have any rights. To them, we’re nothing more than their “property,” docile milk cows to be drained dry and then tossed aside when they can’t squeeze out another drop.

And as if that’s not bad enough, our money and private property... the fruits of our labor gained by the sweat of our brow... are stolen from us with the threat of force or incarceration. They say it’s their way to “redistribute the wealth” to the less fortunate.

But what these looting politicians are REALLY doing is just a big scam to give away OUR money and property to the 50 million Americans sucking at the public teat (a number that’s growing daily!), totally dependent on the government for their basic needs. It’s how these politicians stay in power... by buying votes from all the non-producers.

Well, I’m Fed Up And I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

That’s why I started the Patriot Alliance. It’s a way for intelligent and patriotic Americans like you to join me in taking our country back.

When you become a charter member of the Patriot Alliance you’ll get a big private unmarked package full of all the information you need to keep big government out of your wallet… and your life!

The cornerstone of your Patriot Alliance membership is The Patriot Alliance Messenger, an information-packed newsletterthat’s your very own “mini survival guide”, delivered right to your mailbox every month. It reveals the information you and your family need to not only survive, but thrive, regardless of any impending natural or man-made disasters or political, economic or health crises. It’s your regular reassurance that you and your family will be safe and protected... NOW... while there’s still time.

Here’s Just A Taste of The Incredibly Valuable Tips, Tricks And Little-Known Secrets You’ll Find In The Pages Of The Patriot Alliance Messenger:

Patriot Messenger Album Bonus
The Patriot Alliance Messenger helps you keep the government out of your wallet and off your back! You'll get vital info, tips and secrets every month in a full-color printed newsletter delivered right to your mailbox.
  • Personal messages from me - This is my “field report” on the current political and economic events. And boy, do I have PLENTY to talk about! It’s also your monthly reminder of The Patriot Alliance mission statement and “shot in the arm” motivational message. I want to regularly reassure you, no matter how bad the government-controlled mainstream media makes it look, we really CAN restore the free America we once knew.
  • Independent Living Tips – Especially water filtration and purification methods, various food storage options and how to accumulate, preserve and store other essential items vital in any kind of crisis.
  • Personal Privacy tips – I’ll help you prepare your family “under the radar”… without the government’s awareness. And without nosy neighbors finding out your personal preparation activities.
  • Current economic developments – I’ve dug deep to find all the unofficial intel deliberately being kept from you by the mainstream media. This is the stuff you MUST know to stay one step ahead of the corrupt Wall Street bankers so you can keep your money and investments safe.
  • Financial news - You’ll get monthly tips on how to not just protect your wealth… but also how to grow it regardless of the state of the economy, the collapsing dollar and coming hyperinflation.
  • My little-known health secrets for avoiding common ailments and illness… without doctors and drugs.  I’ll reveal the tried and true “home remedies” my parents and grandparents used to keep us all healthy… when going to a doctor or hospital wasn’t an option. Believe me… many of these remedies work as well or BETTER than drugs… but Big Pharma (in bed with the FDA and the politicians) has been deliberately keeping this information from you for DECADES. Not any longer. You CAN restore and maintain your health safely and naturally… without drugs.
  • How to survive Obamacare - Oh sure, they’re making it sound like Obamacare is going to be the solution to all our healthcare woes… but you can’t even imagine the nightmare and chaos it’s going to cause if you need to see a doctor or have any kind of surgical procedure. I’m going to help you navigate those bureaucratic nightmares associated with Obamacare. I’ll also give you viable options for managing the rising costs of healthcare… no matter how bad Obamacare screws things up.
  • Personal Protection Tips - You can’t stick your head in the sand and ignore this possibility. There may come a time when there’s no 9-1-1 and no police service for a period of time, a time when your only help and protection is YOU. You’ll discover the very best ways to defend yourself, your family and your home during times of crisis. (Ask any victims of Hurricane Katrina who suffered through the chaotic aftermath of that crisis. They’d tell you they would have given everything they owned to know these personal protection secrets!)
  • Energy Secrets- Hey, I’m the “Power4Patriots” guy. You didn’t think I’d forget this topic, did you? I’ll reveal the latest & greatest tips, tricks, and strategies for beating the energy monopolies at their own game.  That includes hunting down the latest developments in energy efficiency, solar and wind power options, and other alternative energy suggestions to keep your power bills low.
  • How to become self-reliant without losing your sanity. If you’ve mentioned any of this stuff to your friends, neighbors and family, I bet many of them probably looked at you like you’re off your rocker. They simply don’t understand how much trouble our country is in. They’re the majority “sleep walking” through life buying into all the propaganda and B.S. being dished out by the government-controlled mainstream media. The pressure and stress of preparing while the rest of the world is oblivious can be a tough road, but I’m not going to let that get to you! Each month I’ll share tips how you can prepare yourself… and actually have FUN doing it.

I can tell you without a doubt, being a member of The Patriot Alliance is the very BEST way to make sure you and your family are completely prepared for ANY crisis.

But I have to admit something… The Patriot Alliance didn’t start as the grand vision I have now. It actually had pretty humble beginnings.

You see, I was often asked by friends, family and neighbors about my energy independence and survival garden projects. A lot of those conversations often led to discussing how fed up and scared people are by seeing our rights being taken away by the power hungry politicians. People kept asking me how to protect their privacy, their independence, how to keep the government out of their life and finances… and about 100 other questions about how they could live free in an increasingly un-free America.

I was always happy to share my secrets of establishing your own personal declaration of independence… but it just didn’t seem like I was making enough of an impact. My vision grew bigger every day. I wanted this “under the radar” message to spread throughout this great nation of ours as quickly as possible… before it was too late. As I was sharing these secrets with friends and loved ones, I discovered that we were all having the same thoughts, questions and doubts. A lot of people told me they feel very alone in how they feel about the state of this country.

Well, You Don’t Have To Feel Alone Any Longer.

So many people out there share the exact same feelings… and they’re joining the Patriot Alliance in droves.

We Patriot Alliance members understand your fears and concerns… and we KNOW you’re not some crazy conspiracy theorist. The evidence is now out in the open for all to see. Our goal is to alleviate your fears and show you how to get big government out of your wallet, off your back and finally live a sovereign lifestyle... no matter what happens after Obama leaves the Oval Office!

The Patriot Alliance gives you the exact steps you need to take right NOW to remain under the radar and continue to live a sovereign and free life.

Reclaim Free America

If you don’t constantly stay informed, and more importantly, if you don’t discover the secrets to preparing for your family’s survival and security right now... when the you-know-what DOES hit the fan, it’ll be too late. You’ll be out in the cold with the rest of the unprepared mob... and it will NOT be pretty. The Patriot Alliance will make sure you’re prepared so you and your family remain safe and can prosper... no matter what happens in the economy. If your only news source is newspapers and TV, you’re NOT getting the information you need. The mainstream media is working in collusion with Washington to keep you in the dark. The Patriot Alliance Messenger is the ONLY non-mainstream publication not afraid to tell it like it is... so you can stay informed about the news and events most critical to your health, safety and wealth.

I know it’s easy to get discouraged when you hear nothing but bad news… but there’s plenty of GOOD news they’re deliberately keeping from you. Patriotic Americans all over the country are joining the Patriot Alliance, organizing and making a difference. The Patriot Alliance Messenger is the only publication that will show you that side of the news to keep you encouraged and reassured we’re on the right track to get back our freedom and independence.

Take advantage of this opportunity today and join me as a charter member in The Patriot Alliance and you’ll also get the following eight bonuses absolutely FREE while supplies last.


Bonus #1 - A $20 Value: The Patriot Alliance Album - The Patriot Alliance Messenger is something you want constant access to, always at your fingertips… even if the power grid goes down.

It will be your “lifeline”... your survival guide you’ll want to refer back to again and again. So I’m flat out giving you The Patriot Alliance album. It’s the best way to keep all the life-saving info you need in one place so you’ll always have access to it.

Patriot Messenger Album Bonus

The Patriot Alliance Album will be delivered to you after you receive your first newsletter. That way you’ll always have this vital information at your fingertips to refer to again and again.


Bonus #2 - A $10 Value: Patriot Alliance Survival Tool. This is a handy and fully functional 11-in-1 survival tool that you can carry with you every day. It includes:

Patriot Alliance Survival Tool

It’s made of durable Stainless Steel and comes with its own carrying case. And since it’s the size of a standard credit card, it can easily fit into your wallet so you can always keep it with you discreetly. If you bought each of these tools individually at your local hardware store you’d spend up to $50! But you get them all in one... and it’s FREE with your Patriot Alliance Membership.

Bonus #3 - A $27 Value: A Special Exclusive Report: How to Hide Your Guns and Other Valuables - Since the economy started taking a nosedive back in 2007, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in property crimes like theft and burglary… and even violent crimes like robbery It makes more sense than ever to guard your valuables so they’re out of sight and hard or almost impossible to find. In this recently released report you’ll discover the best techniques and locations for hiding your guns and valuables from all kinds of thieves… including Big Brother.
Bonus #4 - A $27 Value: A Special Exclusive Report: Retirement Security Secrets Revealed - Even if your finances are limited and you’re not prepared for retirement, I’ve discovered the secrets to making sure your “golden years” are enjoyed in complete security and peace of mind. I’ve discovered some great tips and tricks that will allow you to amass enough of a nest egg to secure your retirement... even if you’re starting late like me, or even if you’re starting from zero like millions of other Baby Boomers.
Bonus #5 -A $27 Value: A Special Exclusive Report: The Government Is Spying on You - This report exposes the secret intrusive technologies “Big Brother” is using to uncover every private detail of your personal life. You will be shocked at how the government is abusing its power to pry into the lives of ordinary citizens just like you. But you’ll know the techniques they use so you can take steps to prepare yourself against their intrusions.
Bonus #6 -A $27 Value: A Special Exclusive Report: Surviving Obamacare - This fraud (just like all the other frauds used to buy votes from the freeloading millions) was sold as the ultimate solution to our healthcare woes. That couldn’t be further from the truth. This report is going to arm you with the knowledge you need to survive the rapid decline in our healthcare you’re soon going to experience as soon as incompetent bureaucrats take over the management of our public healthcare system.
Bonus #7 - A $27 Value: A Special Exclusive Report: Prepping for Pets - There’s a lot of talk about how to prepare food, water and basic survival supplies for the human members of your family… but what about your four-legged family members? In this report you’ll get a detailed checklist of everything you need to have on hand during a crisis to make sure all your pet’s needs are covered. If you’re like me and your pets are valued family members, you simply CAN’T be without this report.

Bonus #8 - A $27 Value: The Off Grid Living DVD – This is Not Available in Stores! In this 75-minute DVD you’ll get your very own one-on-one walk-through of a completely off-the-grid household created exclusively for us. We go behind the scenes and walk you through all the technology these folks use to rely completely on solar and wind power. And this is no rustic one-room cabin; it’s a comfortable, modern home with all the modern conveniences like laptops, new appliances and more.

Patriot Messenger Album Bonus

Find out what it’s REALLY like to live off the grid (here’s a hint: it’s not very different from how most Americans live these days…just with a few important tweaks that you’ll learn in this DVD).

That’s a TOTAL value of over $200 you get in FREE bonuses by becoming a member of The Patriot Alliance today. It’s easy to join us. Just click the “Join Now” button and you’ll become an honored member of The Patriot Alliance for only $19.95 plus FREE shipping & handling...AND you’ll get all 8 of the bonuses I told you about, over a $200 value, absolutely FREE!

After you join The Patriot Alliance today, it’s only $19.95 plus FREE S&H every month to remain a valued member and continue enjoying all the monthly benefits.

It’s totally risk free and you can cancel at any time. There’s no long-term obligation to stay a member. Although once you’re privy to all our insider secrets you’d be crazy to cancel your membership.

I want you to feel really good about making this decision today. If your Patriot Alliance membership isn’t everything I promised, simply cancel your membership. No questions asked, no hassles, no hard feelings and we’ll still part friends. AND you get to keep ALL 8 of your charter membership bonuses as my gifts for giving it a try.

But I’ll even do you one better:

The Patriot Alliance DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK Guarantee!

Here’s my old-fashioned American promise that GUARANTEES you never risk a single penny. If you’re not positively convinced that The Patriot Alliance will help you...

  • Protect your wealth from the greedy hands of the Federal government — no matter what happens to the economy.
  • Grow your nest egg so you can enjoy a relaxed retirement knowing you have more than enough money to provide for your family.
  • Cut through political lies and bureaucratic double-talk so you truly understand the risks to your family — long before the general public.
  • Live much better for less money than you do now.
  • Preserve your precious independence — both financially and physically.
  • Heal, restore and rejuvenate your body naturally — without drugs and surgeries.
  • Sidestep the toxic healthcare system and get VIP treatment from your doctor, surgeon and healthcare professionals, regardless of how bad Obamacare screws things up.
100% Satisfaction Guarentee

After your 12-month anniversary as a Patriot Alliance member... if you’re still not absolutely convinced The Patriot Alliance was not one of the best investments you’ve ever made to protect your future and your family’s future... simply show us that you implemented the 3 most important strategies we recommend to protect your wealth, health and personal security... and you’ll get back every single penny you invested. How’s that for good old-fashioned American fairness?

Why am I willing to offer a 12-month RISK-FREE guarantee like this? Because I know that once you have exclusive access to our little-known “living free in an un-free world” secrets, you’ll be convinced this this is information you can’t live without…and wouldn’t want to!

You now have two choices:


You can bury your head in the sand, continue to live in fear, leaving your family at risk and HOPE things get better. (At least now you can’t say you weren’t warned.)



You can join thousands of other patriotic Americans in The Patriot Alliance and get Big Brother out of your wallet, off your back and finally live the sovereign lifestyle our ancestors fought to defend… no matter what happens over the next 4 years!

Look, the bad news is the rule of law was thrown out the window DECADES ago... and it will only continue to get worse... until the whole house of cards comes crashing down. As if that’s not bad enough, the mainstream media is working in collusion with Washington to keep you in the dark. The Patriot Alliance Letter is the ONLY publication not afraid to tell it like it is... so you can stay informed on the news and events most critical to your health, wealth and survival.

Click the “Join Now” button now to join The Patriot Alliance today totally risk free.

You don’t have to feel alone any more. Join me and thousands of other freedom-loving Americans in The Patriot Alliance. And help us restore the free nation we once knew.